15" x 25" triple opening
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Rocky Mountains with Elk & Eagle
28”x 40” framed © 2003
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Parrots on parrot feathers
Brittany Spaniel
St. Bernard/Swiss Alps
These two feather/arrow paintings were part of the fund raising auctions
at Minnesota's North Country Bowhunters Annual Banquets.
© 2003
Finished size of this custom work was
approx. 16" x 30".  5 different species of
songbirds were included.
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The painting below
was my first
"German Wirehair"
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Custom work...
All of Lynda's paintings are created under copyright and may not be
reproduced in any way, for any use, without her permission in writing.
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one 8" x 14"
one 8" x 10"