This custom work's image size is
36" x 61", approximately the size of a regular
house door.  It includes a soaring eagle,
whitetail deer, loons in their fall plumage,
and many more details, such as
the flag on the dock.  
Lynda traveled to Nashwauk, Minnesota to
obtain reference photos for this work and
combined those with old family photos
from her customer
to complete the finished work of art.
This triple opening combo piece consists of a
miniature painting of a fisherman in a boat, a lure
and a hand painted "Crappie" on a feather.
Ltd. Ed. 11" x 14" print
The original for this print was painted during
a church service on the
Sunday after Easter in 1994.

Lynda decided not to give this piece a title so
people wouldn't be led to any particular
impression, but would be able to draw
from the painting what resonated within them.
Trumpeter Swan on Peacock Feathers
This arrangement is one of the most difficult feathers to
paint on: a peacock eye feather.  The vibrant colors of the
feathers combined with the exquisite painting make this
truly a one-of-a-kind piece.
Feathers shown are available as custom orders in a variety of sizes.  Please see "ordering info" page for details
Miscellaneous works...
All of Lynda's paintings are created under copyright and may not be
reproduced in any way, for any use, without her permission in writing.