15" x 25" triple opening
(click image for larger view)
St. Bernard/Swiss Alps
Custom work...Dogs
All of Lynda's paintings are created under copyright and may not be reproduced
in any way, for any use, without her permission in writing.
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Two paintings were completed of
Honey.  One 8" x 14" in a
classic pose and one 8" x 10"
showing Honey retrieving a
These 7 paintings were created as thank you gifts for
committee members of the 2019 National Cocker
Championship held at the end of October 2019.  
Along with the paintings
above, 5 images of the
NCC logo were painted
on feathers for the
sponsors of the event.
This is "Trio", full of energy and spark!  If you look closer, even the
'chucker' seems to be posing for the camera!
3 German Shorthair Pointers
(slick on image for details)
These two turkey
tail feathers
were mounted
together in a
14" x 18" frame
'Easton" This painting  (above) is a split full turkey tail with an
emblem of pheasant feathers in the center area.  The
customer graciously allowed me to create a totally new
configuration for his project!
(click on image for details)
"My God Lynda, that is gorgeous!  I will
have to go to your website and order a
few for my home!
Merry Christmas to you and yours....Ben"
Just received the package in the mail. It is truly
exquisite!!! I cannot say thank you enough, an
absolute work of art and we will treasure it forever.  
Thank you!!!  

This feather painting is mounted
in a 6" x 8" frame.
8" x 14"
"Kinsie, Sierrn, Rocky and Bruiser"
Mounted in a 24" x 30" frame
Kinzie (left) and Bruiser (right) are the
parents of Lynda and Robert's two "fur babies"
Kota and Windsor.