Rocky Mountains with Elk & Eagle
28”x 40” framed © 2003
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Parrots on parrot feathers
These two feather/arrow combinations
were part of the fund raising auctions at
Minnesota's North Country Bowhunters
Annual Banquets.
These feathers were mounted in a 5 opening mat
and a 15" x 25" oak frame.
5 species of birds were included.
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The painting above was a custom order from the crew of the
Coast Guard Ship 'Ouachita' as a retirement gift for their
Chief Engineer, Chief Dan Gray.
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Custom Feathers...
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The painting above is a Trumpeter Swan
on a Peacock tail feather.
These particular feathers are
extremely difficult to paint on and
require even more delicate handling
than turkey feathers.
The end result is a stunning work of art!
Another stunning image!  This pair of swans is an
elegant work of art.  The parrot feathers are even
more vibrant than shown in the photo.
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The painting above was created for this couple's
50th wedding anniversary.  Mary was the deer
hunter and Don raised cattle.  
What a lovely tribute!