I have to say, this painting has joined the ranks of my favorite projects!  
Seth ordered this painting at a very busy time of year for me and so
there was quite a delay in getting a chance to start on it.  And I am so
glad for the delay!  The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to do
something different, something more special than the usual turkey tail
arrangement.  After sending Seth a sketch and the layout, I got the ok to
do something completely new!  This is leading me to do a wider variety
of configurations with the feathers, experimenting with new layouts and I
have to admit, new ideas are always a challenge!

I also need to say thank you to Seth for the suggestion to come up with
something to fill the negative space in the center.  
In this shot, I'd been working
on the pheasants for a few
days and they were slowly
taking shape.
Easton was almost done in
this shot.  Still needed to
define more muscle
structure and shadows,
but it's close!
When I got to this point, I walked away from the
paintings for about 24 hours.  This enabled me to
look at the shadows, detail, etc., with new eyes
the next day, so it could be finished.  Ended up
adding more shadows and highlights to the birds,
and more shadow and definition to Easton.
It actually took two days to get the trim feathers
layered onto the tail fans and to put the feather
emblem together.
It was well worth the wait...
I can't believe how great it looks! You did such an amazing job and I'm so incredibly grateful! It looks JUST Like Easton!
The detail is so incredible and the work you did with the pheasant feathers is so beautiful.
Thank you so much!!!
March 26, 2020
"Yes,  feel free to use my comments on your website.  I'd be happy to leave
you a review if you'd like.  I spent my whole day of quarantine yesterday
staring at my new painting.  I'm absolutely in love with it Lynda,
thank you so much!  Seth

March 27, 2020                                (Additional review posted on Facebook)
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