Rocky Mountains with Elk & Eagle
28”x 40” framed © 2003

In February of 2003, this painting on a full turkey tail fan, was
part of the annual fund raiser at the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s
National Convention in Reno, NV.

Price range for paintings on full tail fans depend on how extensive the
scene to be painted.   Prices start at $1000 for simple scenes.  
(Scenes as detailed as the one above start at $2500)  This painting was
mounted into suede mats in shades of green, then into a 28" x 40" oak
frame protected by conservation glass.  This is the largest feather painting
Lynda has ever tackled.  Each feather in the fan had to be dismantled and
re-assembled before she was able to prepare the surface of the feathers
for painting.  It took her nearly a month to complete the scene.
All of Lynda's paintings are created under copyright and may not be reproduced
in any way, for any use, without her permission in writing.
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
February 2003