About the artist

Lynda L. Wood

Lynda Wood has been creating outstanding works of art for over 40 years specializing in pet portraits as well as landscapes, wildlife and waterfowl. In 1988, with encouragement from her husband Robert, she began to concentrate solely on her artistic career. Thoroughly researching her subjects by using her acute observation and photography skills, Lynda creates original art excelling in detail and accuracy. In the early 90's she began utilizing "natures canvas" by experimenting with wildlife art on feathers. The popularity of this form of artistic expression is proven by the growing demand.

Since Lynda's husband Robert moved his business to North Dakota about 10 years ago, the primary focus of her work has been on custom work. They moved Robert's business back to WI in late 2019.

While exhibiting at shows Lynda demonstrates her feather painting technique, which enables her to discuss the process, helping folks understand the tremendous amount of work that goes into each piece. With acrylic paints and a very delicate touch, Lynda hand paints each feather using regular artist brushes. Working with these feather paintings has proven to be quite a challenge, as even the smallest brush stroke can 'make or break' a painting, especially when working on the facial features of an animal or person. The eyes give the subject life when they are done correctly and she strives to make them the focal point of all her work. Numerous fine coats of clear spray throughout the process and very special care in handling keep them intact while Lynda and her husband mat and frame each piece. These unique and beautiful works of art are completed using a variety of feathers and often you'll find beads, crystals, leather, lures or other treasures nestled amongst the trim feathers.

The beauty of Lynda's work, her attention to detail in both the paintings and in the completion of the pieces come together to make them 'one of a kind' works of art. As the demand for her feather work increases the list of species she adds to her repertoire continues to grow and special requests are always welcome!

Commissioned artwork is completed upon request.UPS, USPS or FED EX shipping is available on all orders.

The custom painting above was completed in 2020 for Seth Liverseed of southern Wisconsin. This painting was the first of it's kind and has created quite the buzz regarding Lynda's work. The finished size of this work is

24" x 36".