This particular painting was a 'first', of sorts, for Lynda.  
Having completed many landscapes in the past, this one's
added elements were quite daunting at first.  
At the outset, Lynda was apprehensive because the style of
painting was so far outside her range of experience.  
But, when all was said and done,
that trepidation turned to determination.  

She spent hours pouring over paintings of the many talented
'fantasy' artists and came to a simple conclusion...
she would continue to stick to realism and bring her own
style to this painting.  After all, because she believes there is
more to this life than just what we can see
and because the natural world is what it is,
perhaps using her God-given talents in her own way
could open up new possibilities for those who would view the
painting in the future.  
At this point there were many hours of work left to go, but
because of the subject matter, Lynda continued to look
forward to it's completion.

(Reference for this painting's angels and fairies are photos of
the members of her customer's family.)
Dragons and Fairies and Angels, oh my!!
To get a more accurate feel
for the perspective in this
painting, Lynda sketched out
the primary subjects (fairies &
wood nymphs) and then made
cutouts.  Placing these on the
painting gave her an idea of
what she needed to adjust (the
size of the trees, rocks, etc.,) and
also what needed to be
added to tell the story.
At this point she sketched in the
two angels and the wizard and
began painting the rest of the
foreground in (lily pads, flowers
and grasses).  
Over the next few months trees were re-worked, 2 angels
were in progress, fairies were positioned and work had
begun on them, rocks and lily pads had also been added.
There is an incredible amount of detail in this painting and it
took quite awhile longer to complete.
To say the least it was a challenge all the way around!

At the time this photo was taken, (left)
flowers had been added to the
stream banks, and the fairy on
the dragonfly was nearly complete.  
The faces had been completed on each
of the other three fairies and the tree
on the right had been re-worked.  
Work on the angels had started
and blue angel's face had been
blotted out to be re-configured.
A limb had also been added to make
a perch for the wizard and his owl.
In the photo below, all but the littlest fairy & the
wizard, the tree and the blue angel's face had
been completed.  
The lily pads had also been added.

To finish this painting, more
flowers were added,
this time to the foreground,
along with butterflies.  
The final addition was the
wizard.  He has an owl
perched on his shoulder and
holding a scroll and feather
quill pen.  Additional detail
photos can be found at the
bottom of the page.
Image size ~ 12" x 20"
Price ~ $1500 and up
Price is determined by how many subjects are
included in the painting, availabilty of reference
photos, and the size
of the painting itself.

The 'angels, fairies, and wizard' depicted in this painting are all relatives
of the customer.  The angels and wizard were created from photos of her
parents and brother. The fairies are her grandchildren who
posed for the fairy reference photos.

The trick was finding dragon's eggs that had just hatched and then to
get the 'little buggers' to hold still!