This dedicated hunting dog loves to sit on
top of hay bales while waiting for his
owner to bag a bird or two.

e combination was created using a
photo from the customer, a pheasant tail
and Lynda's painting of their dog on  
turkey feathers.  Both the painting and
the pheasant tail are trimmed in
pheasant feathers.

This client also provided a beautiful
professional photographer's image for
Lynda to use as reference for her

The dimensions of this combo are 15" x 25"
and it was finished using suede mats to
complement the rich colors of the feathers
and the painting...
All of Lynda's paintings are created under copyright and may not be reproduced in
any way, for any use, without her permission in writing.
12"x 18"
This painting of three dogs was a fun
project!  It was my first pug, which I've
since decided are cute as a bugs ear!  
Also, I'd never heard of a 'Toller' dog
breed and this one was a champion
show dog!  To me, the lab is there to
keep everybody in line.
What a great trio!