These images (at right) show the
feather as it was being completed.  
Just a few more brush strokes
and it's done!  
Lynda always holds her paintings
while she is working on them,
keeping the reference work
close at hand for comparison to her
work.  This is especially important
when she is working on custom
paintings of pets, people, etc.
Reference photo
supplied by customer

This image shows the finished hand
painted feathers, trimmed with
pheasant feathers.

(The scan above is closer to the actual
coloring of this dog)

This photo shows the completed piece.
Dimensions 15"x 26"
Mounted and framed with suede mats
and fitted in an oak frame.

This hand painted feather was framed
with a pheasant tail,
(trimmed with pheasant feathers)
and a photo of the owner and his dog.


If you want to commission a painting
of your pet, the first step
is to supply the artist,
(whoever they may be)
with good photos of the animal.  

As any pet owner will know,
these animals sneak into
your heart and become
part of your family.  
Good reference photos make it
possible for an artist to
get a feel for the animal
and to capture their individual
personalities in their work.

All of Lynda's paintings are created under copyright and may not be
reproduced in any way, for any use, without her permission in writing.