Pets...of all kinds...
The owner of the retriever (above) provided Lynda
with a professional photographers image to be used
for reference.  The dog loves to sit on top of hay
bales while waiting for his owner to bag a bird or two.
15" x 25" triple opening
Reference photos of
these parrots showed
them sitting on top of a
shower stall door.
This "German Wirehair" was mounted
into a suede mat, along with a photo of
the owner and his dog and a pheasant
tail feather arrangement.
The painting above is of a rehabilitated
hawk that is used for educational purposes.
Some paintings on this page
can be viewed in more detail
by clicking on the image
Good reference photos are a real
plus when commissioning Lynda
for a pet portrait. The better the
photo, the easier it is to get a feel
for the animal's personality.

All of Lynda's paintings are created under copyright and may not be
reproduced in any way, for any use, without her permission in writing.
24" x 30"
6"x 8"
24" x 30"
6"x 8"
8"x 10"
15"x 25"
12"x 18"
15"x 25"
8"x 14"
8"x 14"
6"x 8"
More images of Lynda's pet
portraits on feathers can be
viewed on the custom work pages.